Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV

Technology has ushered in a new era of home entertainment and many individuals are jumping on board. Having the ability to stream your favorite television show or hit movie seamlessly at your own leisure is certainly engaging. While it is easy to see what all the fuss is about, it is necessary for anyone making the switch to streaming, be knowledgeable about which device would work best for them.

There are a number of streaming devices on the market today and all of them have varying features that may or may not make them suitable for one’s household. Two of those streaming devices are the Amazon Fire TV as well as the Apple TV that I cant help but mention has an awesome review and comparison in Both units do share some similarities, though they are also vastly different in many other ways. Both the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV are giants in their industry and the pair equally consider themselves to be brands of the people. Both of the units are comparable in size and will fit neatly under your TV; customers likely will have no need to rearrange anything in order to make room for either one.

The hook-ups are also similar in these devices in many ways as both have HDMI and Ethernet connections. Perhaps the first significant distinction between these devices however, is one that could definitely be persuasive for advocating one over the other. The Amazon Fire TV has a USB port and a MicroSD card slot for expansive storage space; while the Apple TV has a USB_C port that is only used for service and support. This discrepancy means that if a customer has any interest in downloading a lot of games and applications, then the Amazon Fire could be the way to go. There are other differences between the two in regards to their design as well, as this one may be a game changer for some and not so much for the other consumers.

The remote controls for each are constructed very differently and each is unique in its own way. Amazon Fire has a design that is tailored to the everyday customer in that it has a very simple layout that is easy for one to familiarize themselves with. On the other hand, the Apple TV chose to go a different route in terms of their creative process when it comes to the remote. Their remote is much appeasing to look at and looks much more like a control from the future than does the one Amazon provides.

The way that each remote works is different as well, as the look of each goes a long way in telling the story in terms of how simple they are to use. Apple and its elaborate design also come with a fancy way of working the remote, as it features a swipe pad that may remind someone of a tablet. The Amazon Fire has the basic old fashioned buttons that have been around on remotes going back to the invention of the television itself. Deciding which remote you prefer could help go a long way in deciding which unit you want, as it is all about what each individual customer prefers.

The set-up process for these two are different as well, as the Amazon Fire once again offers a very simple process in order to get started. Simply log in and watch a tutorial video and learn all there is to know about your device, while Apple once again offers a more sophisticated approach to get things going. To set up your Apple TV you must activate Bluetooth on a separate device and place it next to the unit itself. After that, the Apple TV will copy all of your account information and then you will be all set. Again, it simply comes down to which approach would be best suited for each individual customer. Navigation in both devices is very instinctive and just takes a little getting used to, as going from cable to streaming can be a culture shock for some. Many believe that the Apple TV has better on screen graphics which may be appealing to anyone looking to do a lot of gaming on the device. However, if straight up content is more important, then Amazon offers a much wider selection in that category.