Determining the Bandwidth Needed For Your Web Hosting

Determining the bandwidth needed for your web hosting doesn’t have to be a challenge! Thankfully, there are some very simple and basic things to consider. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, but due to modern speeds, is usually measured regarding Megabits or Gigabits per second. When setting up your website, you will have to choose from a variety of hosting plans, and you may not be sure about which one is right for you.

Most plans are based on the amount of bandwidth used in a month, rather than a year. Some hosting providers will allow you to change your plan from month to month, while others will lock you in for a year. So if you aren’t certain about which plan to choose, it’s usually best to size up. Some bandwidth sites have calculators that will allow you to estimate what you need, but for those that don’t, there are other ways to come up with a valid estimate.

How much traffic do you believe your site will be getting? If there’s been a lot of interest in your business, it’s reasonable to expect that your site will gain a lot of interest, too. Conversely, if you’re a start-up, or if your site is a personal blog, it may not receive much attention at first. And if you’re switching hosting providers, you may already have a good idea of the bandwidth your site will need. You want to be realistic, but you also want to leave your site room to grow! When determining how much bandwidth you need, you should also consider the type of site you are building. If your site offers a lot of downloads, you will require more bandwidth. You will also need to find if people plan on looking at more pages, or staying for a long time, which will use more bandwidth.